Dvd Back Up Help

Hello, I am new to backing up my DVDs. Alright, I have read you tutorial from cdfreaks.com and have learned a little. However a little is not enough when detail is not given. I beleive the steps to backing up a dvd that is protected is
ripping, shrinking, and burning
Which order do they go into? Lets say I want to copy forest gump.
The dvd is to big. What software combination and order in the software use do you all use. I have tried dvd shrink and it keeps crashing. I tried im too dvd ripper but It only ripped it and did not take out any subtitles.
What software do you all use? I am stuck.

The problem with dvdshink is that it is old and not updated for new movies. I would say try going to slysoft site and download clonedvd2 and anydvd and try them. they are the
easiest to use and they have a trail verson. They are two of the few programs I have purchased. Then there is ripit4me that along with dvd decrypter and dvd shink will do it also and they are free. I have used ripit4me and it works just not as simple as clonedvd2 and anydvd. Never tried dvd ripper.

The order is ripping then shrinking the burning as you stated.