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i have looked every where to find a solution for this problem, and any sugestions given they dont work, i am using dvd shrink 3.2 and was told that using the older version 3.1 worked for sum1 else for this movie but it didnt work for me :frowning: , lots of people have had probs backing up this movie, i then downloaded dvd43 and try decrypting using that as well, but no joy :a , i also tried using dvd decrypter but that came u with an error to, now the dvd works fine so theres no probs there. back to dvd shrink,the problem comes up at the 1st stage “open disk” it gets to 15% then an error comes up, check it out and see if u know y? if so, pls be so kind and tell me :iagree:


Take a look at the post:
help me back up dvd’s with error’s

I have solution. just use dvd decrypter first. It has a setting to ignore the CRC errors.


im pretty new to this stuff if u couldnt tell allready? but i cant the option to ignore the crc errors? could you lps tell me? thanks


DVD decryte menu: tools -> setting -> I/O tab
check “ignore read errors”


i tired it but it stayed on 12% ntohing happened after that? :a if anyone has had this prob pls tell me how u over came it?


I don’t remember if this title has any protection at all, I dod not have any problems with it. You might just have a bad or dirty/scratched disc.

Get the latest DVD Decrypter Version
Do not check the “ignore read errors” as suggested above.

If you cannot do a simple File mode ripping, then in Setting, Device tab, to set max read speed to 1X and try again (remember to clear it later).


i dont know if this will shed any light on my problem?this error came up in decrypter, have a look! :sad: i asume i click yes to all :confused:


anothe error?


heres how I backed up my dvd with dvd shrink.

When you load dvd shrink you will see an area on the dvd called Unreferenced Material, this section is what screws up the copy process, to bypass this you need to tell dvd shrink NOT to compress the data in there at all.

By doing this dvd shrink had no issuse as it did not try to change that section which is a form of copy protection when some one tries to compress it, since dvd shrink is one of very few apps that let you decide which to compress and not compress you can easily bypass it by leaving it alone and not compressing that section. :smiley:


My first thought was it’s a bad or dirty disc. In that case, clean the DVD, clean the laser, use a different reader if you have one. Or set DVDDecrypter to ignore read errors, if there aren’t a mess of them in a row, it might not visibly affect playback. And before someone recommends DVDFabDecrypter, that’s exactly what Fab does when it hits read errors. Dunno how many retries it allots.

I’ve occasionally seen that error when there’s bad sector protection, IIRC. SMC1979’s suggestion is perhaps near the mark, but Shrink is bogging down during analysis, so that won’t help. This is a Universal release, anybody know if they use ARccOS protection? I know about Sony and Columbia Pictures. But the DVDDecrypter error is well into the first VOB, so maybe bad/dirty disc after all.

BTW, that encryption error you got? It’s from DVDDecrypter and DVD43 fighting over who’s gunna decrypt. :stuck_out_tongue: When you clicked yes to all, you let DVDDecrypter take over. You might try no to all. If you want DVDDecrypter to do it, just close DVD43. And the last version of DVDDecrypter is Get it at http://mrbass.org/

Good luck. :wink:


Eh, it would seem that this particular movie IS a problematic one. Look here:


Possible solutions:

  1. Use DVDFabDecrypter, it’s updated often to deal with copy protection.
  2. Create a PSL file with DVDDecrypter. Here’s how:


But, BUT, maybe the disc IS damaged/defective as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

[EDIT] BTW, SMC1979’s suggestion has evidently worked for some people. :wink:


Shame on you all for resurrecting a 6-month-old thread.

And DOUBLE shame for adding to the confusion.

  1. The current versions of AnyDVD and/or DVD Decrypter work fine on this as well as ALL OTHER Arccos titles.

  2. Don’t suggest stupid things when DVD Decrypter works just fine.

  1. Don’t repeat yourself.




Try usig DVD Decrypter and rip it as file.