DVD -> AVI Help



Hi all, I need to convert DVD movie taken from DVD video camera to .avi, readable from Window Media Player. How can I do that?



Why would you need to convert to avi. Windows Media Player reads Mpeg1 and Mpeg2(if you have the mpeg2 codec installed on your comp, please read the guides) which are of significantly better quality res. wise. Just use DVD Decrypter and rip the DVD then use DVD2SVCD and convert to either Mpeg 1 or 2 depending on whether you want low or high quality respectively.(again read the guides for this)

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Just wanted to add that if the O/p of the camera is a .vob file then you dont even need to re-encode. Just install the mpeg2 codec and you’ll be able to watch the movie in WMP.

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Yup you are right, the output files are of .vob. I also like to send it thru’ email, just wondering if its possible to reduce the size of that file if I ever converted it to .avi? or do I need to convert or recode to .mpg format so as to reduce its’ size…



To answer your question you could do both and it would reduce the size depending on what codec and what resolution you select(for avi) and what format(mpeg1/2) and what Resolution you select(for mpg). Please read the guide on how to achieve this with an “Encoder”. The softwares I most often use to do what you want is DVD2SVCD(freeware). It is the easiest and the best as far as I know. You will also need an encoder like Tmpgenc Plus(best for mpeg1, could be used for mpeg2 also) or CCE (best for mpeg2, expensive), others do exist but do not prefer them. If you want to convert to Avi then Divx is the best codec along with Vidomi or Virtual Dub(see the guides on how to do this. Paid software to encode to avi is DVDX(pretty simple to use) .

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There’s a freeware tool called Vidomi that does DVD to avi. Never used it personally so try it out and tell me how it goes.


Thks. Btw, I use DVD2one to split up the video clips cos the recording was finalised in 3 subtitles in the Main Menu. So after I have chosen my chapter that I wanted using DVD2one, I use NeroVision Express to make a VCD. That should be ok for my work. Thanks again.