DVD -> AVC (sync Problem)

I’ve noticed that people have been posting issues with videos not syncing correctly but I’m not sure how much this problem relates to their issues.

I’ve added the stutter patch which did help prevent the strobe video effect when converting but I’ve been noticing that at some point in the movie my video get out of sync only by a second. like hitting a bump in the road.

It’s happened quite a few times. I like to know if there is some sort of work around or settings I could change to help prevent this from happening?

Here is what I’m using:

DVD Region+CSS Free:
Nero Recode: (I’ve also tried version that
came with Update)

My Configuration:

OS - Windows Vista home Premium (updates on)
AV - Eset Smart Security BETA
CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo E6700, 3333 MHz (10 x 333)
Mb - Asus P5W DH Deluxe
BIOS - AMI (03/07/07)
MEM - 2x OCZ Gold XTC 1GB DDR2@834 (5-5-5-15 @ 416.8 MHz)
Video - ATI Radeon X1900 XTX (R580)
HD - 2x WD Raptor 150gb (Raid)
- WD Caviar Se16 320GB (Backup)

Recode does not crash and shows not sign of problems during the run.
The DVD I’m using is my Retail copy and looks clean.
Is there a possibility that a hidden flaw in the DVD’s could be creating this problem?

Is there an alternative method I could use to alleviate this issue.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I figured out the problem. All this time it never occurred to me that Nero Showtime would have a problem playing Nero Digital AVC files. But Just for the heck of it I tried Quicktime which incidentally had no problems whatsoever. The A/V sync went away.

I went back and forth between both Showtime and Quicktime just to be sure. The only thing I’m worried about is the one of the reasons I’m using Recode is not only for the quality but because I want to embed subtitles.

I’m concerned that the problem may be the way Recode is embedding it’s information. Does anyone know or has anyone heard of what exactly needs to fixed. Is it recode or Showtime.

I’m going to put my conversions on hold until I can find out the answer. I know there are other programs but I’m steadfast on using only Recode.


Does it happen every time in the same position?
Can you make a short clip where this problem is happening?

Yes it does,

  I guess the problem isn't as widespread as I originally thought. It was Murphy's law that the problem occurred on some of the first movies I converted. The one above is "The Negotiator (1998)". Around Chapter 36 when the computer is shot the sound is off just a little bit and stays that way for the rest of the flick.

  But like I said If I play it in QuickTime The delay isn't there.

The Problem is consistent when it happens.

Can you provide the problem section for me? Check your PM please.

Reply is in PM.

Can you try to convert the movie with Nero Digital ASP (not AVC). Is there the same sync issue?

Sorry, Haven’t check this thread in a while. You probably already know. Yes is still occurs.