DVD Autorun (autorun.inf vs video_ts)

Hi all - first time poster… Not sure if this is a newbee question or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m trying to determine if a can create a DVD like this or not…

Ideally, what I would like to do is create a DVD that if you put it in a regular DVD player attached to a TV, it would play the video I had burned on there (the regular video_ts file structure). However when you put the DVD in a DVD drive attached to a computer, I would like it to run the autorun.inf file that will call a flash menu where people press a button to looks at some text that will be included on the disc and/or press a button and play the video!

So the questions are:

  1. I know that some PCs - if the disc ONLY had a VIDEO_TS structure - it would automatically start playing the movie - but if the disc has an autorun.inf file AND a VIDEO_TS structure - would autorun.inf get run instead of the movie playing? Which one wins?

  2. And this may be a question for a flash forum… but can you code flash to play DVD-Video (I don’t have room to have two copies of the movie on the disc (one video_ts for the set-top DVD player – and the flash version to be called by flash via the menu called by autorun.inf).

Additional info:

  • This is regular DVD - no high def/blue ray
  • I have Adobe Encore CS4 for the disc authoring
  • I have Adobe Flash CS4 too - but have never done anything in flash
  • This is all my clients content

Thanks for the help!


Useless, because when autorun is off you can forget it all.