DVD Auto looping?

I have a 5 minute video that I want to burn on DVD (no menu) and have it play as an endless loop . My DVD player does not have a setting for this. How can I accomplish this without having to press play every 5 minutes? It will play on a stand-alone, not a computer. Thanx in advance for any help offered.

Rev. twoodie

Afaik, you can’t do that on movie vts, only on menu. Or maybe you can using a professional product, like scenarist. However, I can provide you a workaround: create several vts sectors for the same movie sector on your authoring program, and make it follow that path :slight_smile:

Theres a setting in a program that I use (Adobe Encore 1.5) that enables you to select what the end action of a video should be. You can just select Play Again. There might be a similar choice in the Authoring program you are using

I can confirm I haven’t found evidences of such option in DVD Lab. I might be wrong thought :slight_smile:

Asid, how does the player handle it? Infinite minutes ?

Well Ive never used an infinate loop setting before but I have set it up where after a certain bit of video finishes playing it goes straight to a certain menu. Its worked fine for me on my Philips DVD player. Not sure but I think if you set it up to play as a loop it will play the full duration (say 5 minutes) and then go back to play from the start of that video.

Im going to try this out in the next half hour on a DVd+WR and see if it work that way

How can the authoring program know where to stop (physical limitation of the dvd space)? Good question anyway :slight_smile:

Ok I just tried this out with a short 3 minutes clip and set the ending of the clip to play the start of the clip again. Burnt the disc and tried it out on my DVD player and it plays the file continously in a loop. At the end of the clip the time goes back to 00:00:00 and plays to 3 minutes and back to 0 again.

Hi Twoodie,

If you have DVD Lab Pro then just author the movie as you normally do(assuming you know what authoring means). I.E. Just add the movie into the space given for it in DLP and then in connections just indicate the looping (without any menus of course as that’s how you wanted it??). See the HELP of DLP for further details.

Hope this helps.