DVD authoring

Hi, im am looking for your opinions on what is the best dvd authoring software to date.

The program must be easy to understand and work with,- no 1-2 months of training before you even know how to start it.

Its has to be good at making menus with, since this it the main purpose I need it.

thats about it so far, hope you can help, I really, BADLY and most desperately need it!

come on, somebody must know a good program to make dvd menus in! plz help…

Try TMPGEnc DVD Author

thx… finally an answer. I’ll try it tomorrow its getting late :smiley:

Sorry not answered befor. I miss this post

I like DVDLab Pro. It is very sophisticated if you want it to be but simple things are quite simple to do.

I use DVDlab pro and TMPGEnc dvd author and in my opinion DVDlab pro is best but not very easy to use if you want to make it very professional …

To answer your question directly I think that Sonic Scenarist is the best DVD authoring program :smiley: Requires some skill as everything is done from scratch, but once you get the hang of it it’s just great… Unless you have some contacts or a company, this is out of your reach, it’s pretty damn expensive… :slight_smile:

There are other less expensive solutions that use the scenarist rendering engine, without all the bells and whilstles…you can check the SONIC website.

As to DVDLABPRO, I think they need to rework their compiler/muxer a bit.

DVD Author is also a good choice, but limited in custom features.

You also have ULEAD movie factory… (I believe there is a free trial to all of the above, except scenarist).

TMPEG DVD author is a nice basic app to author DVDs and simple menus and chapters. One exception though I could not find any way to play a background music on a still background in the main menu. The only way to do it is to specify a motion video and use its audio, which sucks.

TMPGEnc DVD Author and Adobe Premiere Pro are the best to my liking
*Adobe will require some reeading though, not really for a beginner