DVD authoring tools problem

After much research/trial and error, Im still having trouble getting the right tools I need for DVD editing/creating

I would like to use Adobe Premier Pro 2.0, it has all the features I need,

If only it was as killer and problem free as PhotoShop, the main thing so far seems to be importing certain files, specially AVI, sound missing etc…or just refusing to import that kind of file eg .VOB files.
Now Im wondering if anyone can suggest a program that I could convert files to make them acceptable/problem free for import to APP2 ?
Also does APP2 have a fit-to-disc option ?

Nero 7 is easier to use, but I still have a problem with Menus,

I tried to creat a DVD with 2 movies + Menu, I also wanted a small clip to play before the menu appears, I didnt really want the small clip to appear on the menu, but it seems you dont have a choice, so i just renamed the clip button to ‘restart DVD’

In Nero I selected:
play the small clip first when disk starts
return to menu after playing a clip

So in theory when the disk starts the small clip is played then returns to menu, then when any of the other clips finish, it should return to the Menu, but this doesnt seem to work even in preview
It will play the small clip then start to play the 1st movie, at the end of a clip it then starts to play the next clip, it never seem to return to menu unless u click the Menu button on the Virtual remote control in preview, sometimes this is the only way the Menu will appear at all…
Any ideas?

Also what about compiling the DVD file with just the menu + 2movies, then after words editing the menu file…to patch the small clip onto the start of the menu clip…Iv been trying this without much success
Any ideas?

There is no one solution software for all file types. Suggest you go to www.videohelp.com and check out the tools section, then read the forums for awhile. Use the search function if you are having problems finding a specific solution. Almost every question you could come up with, has likely been answered there at least one time… I use Vegas and Adobe, but I only work with avi or dv-avi files.

I cant seem to find a solution to this, tried video help but no go

Ok, let me simplify the Nero thing,

No matter what I do I cant get ‘jump to menu’ working,
It just plays the next clip, ‘loop clip’ doesnt seem to work either, in fact the only thing that seems to happen is when 1 clip finishes the next clip along then starts

Tried re-installing, using different clips etc…


Consider using Premiere Elements…much cheaper, easier to learn to use…more than enough grunt. Does everything I need, and it works.
What more do you want?

ok, Im considering it…

Are there certain video files that it doesnt like, eg avi files from the net?
Does it do fit-to-disk?
Can I create a DVD that plays a clip before the DVD menu appears?

Go to Adobe’s web site, and it will tell you exactly what types of files their software will import and export. Again, you will NOT find any single software that will handle each and every file. Especially files that are downloaded from the internet. No software will handle divx, without downloading the divx codec. It’s a licensing issue.

Import from virtually any device

Easily import video, audio, and still images from virtually any media device, including HDV and DVD camcorders, web cameras (WDM analog), MPEG-4 video recorders, and select mobile phones.


Its hardly a comprehensive list of files acceptable for import, which is kind of what I expected of the adobe site, vendors of this type of software are usually less than honest about what files can be imported, limitations in the software are not good selling points, which is why I was asking what his experiences were(as he recomended
APE in response to my post)

How do I know if I have the DIVX codec or not?