DVD Authoring software - Need advice

Hi all,
I’m looking for DVD Authoring software that will do any of the following:

  1. Use 5.1 AC3 audio tracks (I have 5.1 AC3 files)
  2. Use 5.1 DTS audio (I have 5.1 DTS files)
  3. Allow 2 or more audio tracks… (2 preferably)

I’m needing to remux a few concert DVDs (bootleg) with AC3 audio and/or DTS audio.

I’ve used Ulead DVDMF2 for a while, but it only supports WAV files and 1 audio track. No AC3 or DTS. I refuse to downmix the AC3s and DTS files to 2 ch stereo.


the only authoring programs i know of that can handle all ur requirements (with DTS being the most restrictive requirement) are Sonic Scenarist and DVD Maestro.

Bummer cause those software packages cost too much.

I don’t require AC3 and DTS to be on the same DVD, just prefered it.

What about AC3 only or DTS only?

DVDLab does AC3, right?
What else? (That doesn’t cost an arm and a leg)

whether it’s DTS+AC3 or just DTS doesn’t matter. those two programs are the only ones that can handle DTS at all. if u only need 5.1 AC3, i believe practically all intermediate/advanced authoring programs should support it.