DVD Authoring software advice


I’m using Adobe Premiere Pro (v7) on WinXP to edit 16:9 DV. I want to produce DVD’s, but almost all the DVD authoring software I have investigated doesn’t support 16:9 properly.

Anyone got any advice on what authoring software to use? Is Adobe Encore and good and worth the money?


Scenarist is the ultimate if you can afford it.


DVDlab is cheap and quite good for DVD-authoring…

TMPG ENC DVD Author is inexpensive,and can be found here

Or get NeroVision Express as part of Nero 6,and that’s found here

Thanks for responses. Bought Adobe Encore on a friends recommendation and it works fine, and supports 16:9 no problem.

The only authoring program I know that does NOT support 16:9 is SpruceUp !