Dvd authoring soft



i was wondering what would be the best dvd authoring software any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :iagree:


sonic mydvd
pinnacle instant cd/dvd
ulead dvd workshop
sony dvd architect


any more besides those??


TDA (TMPGEnc DVD Author), very capable and popular with video enthusiasts.

DVDLab, a bit more advanced.


Adobe Encore


Sonic DVD author
and many more


I like Sony DVD Architect, and Nero. :iagree:


I stated Adobe encore above and IMO it is a good piece of software. Overall for ease of use and good output I would have to say Tmpgenc dvd Author and Ulead movie factory. I use different applications depending on what I want my end result to be. Pick one of the above and get to learn it and add onto that as you progress.


I have’nt tried Adobe Encore, but I am going to see if they have a trial available, if so, Im going to give it a shot…

Peace and Luv,

DJ Mind


i have nero but how do i author on that?


Try NeroVision Express :iagree:

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DJ Mind