DVD authoring or video editing software

I’m getting ready to embark on an odyssey of video transference from VHS-C to DVD with my trusty Toshiba DVD recorder. Since these are cassettes of vacations, I was thinking about doing a wee bit of post-production work (titles and the like) and I was wondering which of the two softwares mentioned in the title above are better suited for this undertaking. Indeed is there any real difference between DVD authoring and video editing software? Anyone have any recommendations on which software to use since this is my first outing doing this sort of thing? Many thanks!

I don’t know, I suppose editing is preparing your clips (cutting/joining, using filters, etc.) for authoring. Once you have your videos/clips the way you want them you can try a couple of freeware authoring apps like DVDFlick, http://www.dvdflick.net/ or AVStoDVD, http://www.videohelp.com/tools/AVStoDVD. You can use something like Windows Movie Maker for basic editing, it depends on the format of your clips (avi, mpeg, mov, etc). VirtualDub, http://www.virtualdub.org/, is an excellent freeware editing tool for avi video.
If commercial apps is what you’re interested in, maybe someone with more experience using them will post some suggestions.

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