DVD authoring - importing chapters to submenus

Does anyone know of an authoring application that will import DVD-Video from a Video_TS folder, and automatically add the DVD-compliant chapter marks as proper chapters to a submenu?

The background is that I have some material recovered from a decaying Princo disc ( :rolleyes: ); using IsoPuzzle, DVD Decrypter with all streams demuxed, and finally building a Video_TS folder by remuxing everything, including original chapter points, with IFOedit. The chapter marks appear to be compliant and when the DVD folders are burned to disc the chapters are selectable in every software and hardware standalone player I can find. However I’d like to make a submenu of the 43 chapters beneath the title menu.

DVD Movie Factory 5 recognises and pretends to want to accept the chapters, but as with every previous iteration this idiosyncratic program still then imports the whole title with chapters stripped. Or, if you select them individually, each chapter comes in as a separate title. It would be possible to reauthor the submenu manually and add the chapter points one-by-one, but there’s 43 of them and I can’t believe a program can’t take in a basic text file of hr:min:sec:frame pointers and apply it intelligently.

I tried TMPGenc Author 3 but it barfs straight away on the chapter import bit.

Probably need something more complicated, such as DVD Workshop or Maestro but any advice would be appreciated…

Really, I have TDA 1.6 and it imports chapter points fine from VIDEO_TS folder.

There are 2 options:

  1. Demux again with PgcDemux with chapters (celltimes.txt), and remux again with MuxMan. Then create chapter menus with TDA3 or DVD Movie Factory 5 with these files to see if it accepts better.

  2. Author the chapter menus with TDA3 or DVD Movie Factory 5 with some dummy small video and have all the 43 chapters point to the same video segment. Then use either DvdReMake Pro or PgcEdit to import the DVD files replacing the dummy small video and then fix the 43 chapter points in the menu to point to the appropriate chapter in the DVD files.

Hopefully option 1 is enough for you. Option 2 is lengthy but not that complicated.

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

Tried the second half of option 1 (since the demuxed files were still available), and remuxing with Muxman enabled the title to be imported into TDA3. All chapters were recognised and apparently organised into a submenu. However there’s a warning appearing that the title bitrate is over 10,000 so I think it’s a-gonna do some re-encoding sometime, but that’s a different problem that seems pretty common.

The newly remuxed file behaved as before in DVDMF5+: imported but with the marks stripped and no submenu formed.

I’ll have a go with option 2 later this evening, but thanks for the help. :flower: