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I want to make a DVD with Menus and submenus. Basically what i want is a main menu with two options:

Play Movie
Submenu to Trailers

In the submenu I’d then have the 4 trailers associated with the movie.

I’ve tried Nero Vision Express which is really easy to use but it doesn’t support submenus (at least as far as I can see). I’ve also tried Sonic which creates the submenu no problem but when I add the avi movie it puts the size of the project up to 6gig and therefore to big to burn to disc.

Is there software out there that allows me to do what i want in an easy and simple way? Or is there a way of doing what i want using Nero or Sonic?

Many thanks in advance for any help


You can Nero Vision to create the DVD (including the menus and submenus the way you want) and to adjust the final size to the DVD capacity - if you have Nero Vision 4 updated to the last “releases” Nero publish regulary and you can download if you have the right version (I guess you need version 7 and probably the full version).

I found a post with a detailed example and join it besides you may have a language problem there, as it is a brazilian post - however it is a very graphical example and you can get an idea. Afterwards, you can go to Nero’s site and download Nero Vision 4 user guide.

I don’t know about Sonic, sorry. Obviously you can use other software, but it will envolve an extra expense if you got Nero, and probably a steepy learning curve for the best ones…

Good luck


Sorry, got it twice but still have the “delete” button.

I have done exactly what you describe with DVD-lab Studio from Mediachance.

In an easy way? No, sorry, there is a learning curve with most of them, I’m afraid.

If your authoring software does not convert AVI to MPEG-2 during production, you will need to use a transcoding program, videohelp.com has a great list of tools for this and many other production tasks.

The .VOB files in a finished DVD (either yours or store-bought) consist of video, audio, subtitles (if you have them) and menus, all combined into one big file, then split up into 0.99 Gig segments. It’s in the DVD spec somewhere, sorry I can’t find the link right now.

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Thanks for your help, but I still can’t get this to create a main menu (containing a movie, and a submenu to 4 trailers).

Basically, I add my 5 video files at the first stage and then at the next stage all the video files are added onto 1 or more main menus. i.e. first video = movie, second video - trailer 1 etc

If the layout of the buttons can fit them into one menu then I end up with just the one menu containing all my videos. If they can’t fit them all in then it just extend to another menu (which is not what I want)

How to I move all the trailer videos into a submenu? Or how do I create a submenu?


Nero and Roxio both have a tuturial to show you how to do this. You can use Microsoft Visual Studio or MenuMachine. All of my other programs I use do have a learning curve.

You have to dowload the User Guide for version 4 of Nero Vision, in page 54 you’ll find a scheme that tell the all thing:
You have the main menu fir the “titles” in the video, and under each one you can have the “chapters” you create with a second levem menu (submenu) - this is all Nero allows you to do - a 2 level menu.
You also need to specify the reproduction mode - i.e. - what happens when a title/chapter plays to the end - and here you have several options, from continue to the next to a return to the menu.