Dvd authoring help



Here’s my situation… I currently have InterVideo WinDVD Creator and Roxio Easy Media Creator. I am tired of the same format when authoring menus. By this, I mean that when I wish to go to a chapter from the menu, I have to click on a image from the chapter. I want to be able to create a DVD that when I am at the main menu, I have the option to “Play” or go to “chapters /scenes”. When I get to chapters/scenes, I want to have a list of the chapters in writing, so that when I highlight the desired chapter, I will be able to go right to it. For example, lets say I had a baseball game on DVD. I would want my chapter menu to look like this:
Inning 1
Inning 2
Inning 3
Inning 4…and so on. That way, if i wish to go to inning 3, theres no picture…just the title. I want to be able to highlight the title and go right to it. This also allows me to have less menus to navigate. If anyone can help me or give me a reference, please do so. I have heard of DVD Lab, but can’t seem to find it in stores. Basicly, I need to know my options in order to fulfill my needs, and where these options are. Thanks you everyone!


TMPG Dvd Author is very user friendly.Good for beginners.
Nero Vision Express is very easy also.
Dvd-Lab is a little more for experienced users.
Each of these links also have help links on how to use each application.


Get the 30 day free demo of DVDLab or Pro at www.mediachance.com
Fully functional, not crippled in any way. Arguably the best authoring app there is.
I have lots of guides for it too.