DVD Author Pro or TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6

I am ready to buy one of these programs but can’t decide which one. I am using DVD author 1.6 the most and have tried Pro a few times. They look to be about the same however Pro has choppy playback in edit mode and I get errors for the video not keeping up. I don’t get this error or have the choppy problem with Author 1.6.

I also wounder if Author 1.6 is being discontinued and replaced with Pro. I don’t want to be left out in the cold. :sad:

Any advice would be welcome. Has any else seen this problem with Pro.


I have been using the 1.6 with no problems, I think the Pro version is utter crap :smiley: but then I really didn’t use it more than 30-45 minutes but prefer 1.6 for now.

until bugs get sorted :smiley:


I’m begining to feel the same way about Pro. Isin’t 1.6 and Pro made by the same company?? They have ads for each others software on their web sites. You would think that Pro would work better than 1.6 if this is the case.



A much better alternative would be DvdLab Pro… :bigsmile:

Excellent suggestion.

You guys were faster…
Out of the 2 mentioned i have to side with the third one :smiley:
Dvd Lab Pro is excellent.

DVDLab Pro is garbage - Pegasys’s DVDAuthor is a much better program in terms of DVD compatibility. They use a much better burning engine and the dvd produced is more compliant. DVDLabPro is known to cause problematic DVDs that have issues on some players - If you have access to a lab or Phillips DVD verifier you will see that DVDs produced with DVDLabPro have far more compliancy warnings and errors. The muxer in DVDLabPro is very poor - the special scanning tools you that your mpegs have time code errors when they DON’T…attempting to fix them causes out of sync dvds and much more…I would avoid dvdlab altogether.


Who cares what a lab says about the result when it plays anyway???
Comparing their burning engines is a joke itself - you can use any other burning app to burn the output…

I use DVD Shrink to shrink and convert to ISO. Then I use Imgburn or Nero 6. I have been using Imgburn more lately.

I have tried DVDlab and just didn’t like the interface. I wasn’t comfertable with it. :confused:

Does anyone know if DVD author 1.6 will be discontinued for Pro?? I just don’t want to get stuck with outdated or discontinued software.

Thanks :slight_smile: