DVD Audio

I have just received my Panny DMR-E85 and, yes it’s good, mostly. I cannot find out how to play DVD Audio disc’s on it, it does say you can, but all I can get is normal stereo. It plays DTS and 5.1 audio in surround ok, so any ideas?

Thanks Guys. :slight_smile:

I’ve found it. after digging through the lousy manual, tucked away in there somewhere are the words “DVD A Stereo only.” I can hardly see the point is saying it will play DVD A, all DVD players will do that anyway, only the special ones play it in surround, Stoopid!

I think you have misunderstood it.

There are two types of DVD discs with audio.

  1. DVD-V(ideo) with audio
  2. DVD-A(audio) with of course audio, but can also hold video…

Type 1 is much more common than type 2 and type 1 is the type that any DVD player can play, also in multi-channel.

The Panasonic however, can also play the 2nd type but as you have noticed, only in 2-channel.

Not misunderstood, just a marketing ploy to stick on the box! :frowning:

I meant you misunderstood this:

Not all players will do that, in fact very few will.

Not that it really matters apart from discussing the marketing techniques of manufacturers, but the words “Stereo only” would help and not buried in the depths of the instruction book. How are the buyers of goods supposed to know unless all the info is stated on the specs when looking for a player/recorder. I still think it’s only telling a half truth. But I do see your point about audio only.

I actually have two machines that play DVD A and SACD in surround.