DVD-audio with new protection in July

I just posted the article DVD-audio with new protection in July.

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Consumer electronics giant Matsushita plans to roll out DVD-Audio products in July, seven months after its original target…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/554-DVD-audio-with-new-protection-in-July.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/554-DVD-audio-with-new-protection-in-July.html)

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Oh yes Director,
your O so right

There will always be a way around it, look at SafeDisc’s site they say its impossible to copy a cd using the SafeDisc copy protection, but all u need is CloneCD. Another fine example is the Playstation 2, Sony claimed it will be completly impossible to use copy protected games, and Gues what within a week some clever people posted how to play backups and even made a modchip to use PS1 CD-R backups on u’r PS2.

Simply whatever they do, There will always be a way around it !!!

If it’s digital it’s crackable. Study showed that the original encryption only took two months to crack. As everyone has heard about it, more crackers will try to crack it. The new code will be cracked by December 3rd 2000. You can count on it!

How do you like THOSE apples!

If someone cracks this quickly then it might never get released. Why not wait until the hardware becomes mainstream before releasing the crack, otherwise you are just wasting time over a pre-obselete system

Well, ya gotta remember that the only reason the CSS code got cracked so quick was because Xing Technologies was stupid enough to leave the key unencrypted in their software. It might take a little longer than two months to crack this one, cause I bet the Big Boys won’t let that happen again. That might be good though. By the time it is cracked, it would be in widespread use…

Remember that protections are made to slowdown the copy rate. There is no such thing as an uncrackable protection, but then again…the majority still doesn’t know how to copy safdisc games, so it’s rather effective. Ofcourse this kind of stuff is no problemo for the CDFreakers! =)

Ofcourse not. Even safedisc is a piece of cake for us now