DVD audio tracks to MP3 audio?


Is it possible to copy audio tracks from a DVD into MP3 format with Clone DVD? If not any ideas on how to, using which software.

Thank you

No - CloneDVD2 does not have this capability.

look here for an alternative:

Thank you

Why pay when you can do it for free if you have Windows Media Player.
Look in help menu under “audio ripping” and follow directions…

Ooops! This is for CDs…Didn’t read your question corrrectly…

This is completely off topic, but, you’d probably need to use DVD Decrypter or something like it to rip the AC3 stream and then use BeSweet to convert it to whatever format you want. I would do a google search on besweet if you’re not familiar with it.

Just to clarify, are we talking about the audio tracks from a DVD, or DVD Audio format discs?