Dvd audio track to cd conversion

I’m trying to copy the audio portion of the Eagles Farewell Tour dvd to cd so that I can listen to it in my car. I’m following the instructions at:


I seem to be able to rip the files to my hard drive using DVD Decrypter. The version of Nero Burning ROM I’m using is is In the Nero browser the file types show as .vob files and not audio files. I get an error “file format not supported” when I try to copy them to compilation portion of Nero. Also they show as Nero Show Time files in the browser.

I’d appreciate any help!


just use one of these dvd audio rippers and do audio cd with nero after,much easier

Don’t succumb to the evil DVD Audio ripper programs! You’re almost there.

Sounds like you didn’t choose Demux at step 3.

Ticked the demux box… not sure what it does though…

What’s the problem the dvd audio rippers… can it be any worse?

Thanks! :frowning:

i have tried them all. and the best fo me was
not free, but it rules. you get to play the track beforehand,the preview features of the other rippers are useless most times

I’ve tried those, they both were very crashprone an distorted the audio a bit too much for my liking. My method is like described in the guide, but instead of burning with Nero, I convert to wav with BeSweet.

Well, if you’re doing everything right but they’re coming up .vob, just try labeling them .ac3 and see if Nero will play them then.