DVD audio to mp3

Hiya all
I am not particulary knowledgable in all the computer jargon that goes around these days so bare with me.
I want to convert my DVD audio into mp3 so I can put it in my iPod, all I need is a program that can do this easily. I am aware of BeSweet and all that crap, but I just want a program that can do it in one swift go with no hassles. I was hoping I could get one for free on the net but it seems as though I can’t find one. Are there any good FREE programs out there that are able to convert DVD audio to mp3 or am I just kidding myself?
If not, what is a good program for a reasonable price?

Have a look in here

Are you talking about audio from DVD movies, or actualy DVD-A discs? If it’s the former, DVD Audio Ripper will work. If it’s the latter that’s a good question, and something I’d like to hear the answer to myself. I’d especially like a way to keep 5.1 files and have them playable in winamp, but I’m not sure if that’s possible or not.

I mean from like VOB files on an actual legitimate DVD discs. The DVD audio ripper costs to get the full version. I was hoping for a free version! you can get free cd rippers and free dvd rippers on the net, but you can’t get free dvd audio to mp3 rippers. Someone explain why! I find it stupid that you can find the first two for free but not the latter. am I the only one who sees this?!?

Not directly, most methods rip the AC3 audio using “stream processing” in DVD Decrypter, and then break the AC3 down with AC3filter, Besweet etc.