DVD Audio to CD

Hi everyone,

This question has probably been asked 100 times in here, but here goes:

Trying to copy the audio off a DVD to a CD so I can listen to it in my car. I have Nero 7, DVD Decrytper, AnyDVD, DVD Shrink and even a Nero 2-channel AC3 input plug-in that was recommended by another post in here.
I run DVD Decrypter, save the file, start Nero Burning Rom and then the problems start. When I go to “add files” in Nero Burning Rom the files come up as “DVD Movie” and not AC3 files. Believe it or not it did work once and copied everything fine, but I deleted the first and last chapter thinking they were credits, but the chapters had songs on them. When I went back to make another copy the problems started. I’ve reinstalled everything a few times.
Sometimes the DVD Decrypter shows the DVD as having RCE Protection and Copyright Protection…CSS/XXX, since I installed AnyDVD that seems to have stopped.
Any ideas on how I can get the burner to bring up the AC3 files or is it an issue with the decrypter?


Use DVD2SVCD (google for it) to get the tools necessary to extract the audio data to a nice .wav format. After that you can make an audio cd of it using Nero.

Interesting tip Mr. Belvedere, never used DVD2SVCD.
As your problem is to get a stereo 2ch sound from an AC3 file you have another way, using just audio software like GoldWave. It is not supposed to accept protected audio files, but it does a competent job.