DVD Audio to CD

Does anyone know of a fast and simple way to copy the soundtrack from a DVD movie to an audio CD ?? My wife has a movie she would like to listen to subliminally. Any help would be much appreciated


I don’t know why you posted this in the AnyDVD forum, I’ll report it to a Moderator so they can move it.

As for the answer to your question, rip just the movie with DVD Decrypter and open it in DVD2AVi. Select the track number (audio) and change the output method to a WAV file. go to File > Save Project. You can then burn it to a CD :).

You can get better directions here. Just choose WAV instead of AC3.

You could also try this guide; it only requires DVD Decrypter to get the audio off the DVD.

Check out audio dvd creator - its easy and works!


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You can use xilisoft which help you solve this question