DVD Audio to CD without buying plug-in for Nero 7

Hi. I was experimenting with creating CDs from music DVDs using Ben (bcn_246)'s excellent guide using DVD Decrypter and Nero, but came unstuck because the guide uses Nero 6 and I have Nero 7 - it seems the appropriate plug-in for Nero 7 costs about US$28.

Any suggestions for a simple, free solution?

I have set up BeSweet and BeLight 0.21 and selected the files to convert, but I don’t have a “Start Processing” button, just an “Add Job to Queue” button.

Is this a setting issue? How do I get BeLight to actually do the conversion?

I use foobar 8.3 which is a free software they have a newer version
out i don’t know if it supports dts but i know it supports ac3 takes some
reading and no how but its a great program…