DVD audio to cd using free programs. - Discuss and Thank You Thread



This is a guide to help you get your DVD’s audio onto an Audio CD you can also. The two programs required to do this are both free. The setup is pretty simple if you follow the directions. It is a time consuming project since you must watch the DVD in real time and stop it when it is done, then “cut” each track (not hard at all) and save them.

One warning this takes up a lot of hard drive space (about 20mb per minute of recording) so make sure you have enough Hard Drive space.

Downloads required:
Audacity - http://audacity.sourceforge.net/
LAME - http://mitiok.free.fr/ if this doesn’t work just Google for “LAME encoder”

  1. Install Audacity
  2. Create a folder on your desktop called ”LAME”
  3. Extract the contents of the LAME encoder zip folder to the LAME folder that you created in step 2.
  4. Go into the LAME folder on your desktop and find the “lame_enc.dll” file. Leave this open for now but minimize it
  5. Go to your program files (you can find these by going to My Computer, then Local Disc (or C: drive) then double click on program files.
  6. Find the Audacity file and open it.
  7. Open the “plug ins” folder.
  8. Right click on a blank space in the folder then click “paste”. You should now have the lame_enc dll in your folder.
  9. Close everything out.

Now for the basic configuration:

  1. Launch Audacity.
  2. Go to the “File” tab
  3. Go to “Preferences”
  4. Click on “Audio I/O” This is where we tell Audacity what hardware to use for playback and recording.
  5. Pick your sound card.
  6. Next in the Channels box select 2 (stereo)
  7. Click on the “File Formats” tab
  8. In the box for MP3 export setup click on the “Find Library” button.
  9. Click on “yes” in the popup dialog box that asks you to locate the LAME encoder.
  10. Now you must navigate to where you put the LAME encoder – C drive -> Program files -> Audacity -> Plug ins -> then select the LAME_enc.dll file -> click open.
  11. Now in the MP3 Export set up set your bit rate then click “OK”. I recommend at least 192 for good audio.
  12. Now in the drop down box near the middle top of the screen select WAV if it is available or select Stereo Mix if WAV is not available.
  13. Now make sure that you have enough Hard Drive space. (20mb per minute of recording) If you have a bigger Hard Drive that you want to use go to File -> Preferences -> Directories then select where you want it to go.

Now your ready to go.

  1. Put the DVD you want to record into your DVD drive.
  2. Launch your DVD player.
  3. When the Scene that you want to record starts playing hit the record button on Audacity.
  4. If everything is setup properly then when it is playing you should see the Red bars at the top showing a signal
  5. These bars are your input signal and can be adjusted (you don’t want the red bars to be at the far right continually but it’s ok if they touch occasionally)
  6. If you are not getting a signal then go to the sound control panel and make sure that the WAVE slider is at least ¾ of the way up.
  7. If you can hear the DVD through your speakers but you don’t have a signal on the red bars then go back to step #5 above in the configuration directions and select a different option to record directly from you speaker outputs such as “what you hear” try different options until you get a signal. If you are using this option then using your computer to do anything else while recording is a big NO, NO Audacity will pick up all of the sounds that your computer makes including mouse clicks.
  8. Close down all other programs that are running in the background especially ones that access the hard drive a lot.
  9. Now Restart the DVD and get through all of the intro screens.
  10. Hit the “Record” button
  11. When the DVD is finished hit the yellow “stop“ button.
  12. You now have one long continuous “track”
  13. Now you will need to find (one at a time) the beginning and end of each of your “tracks”
  14. Go to the end of the continuous track and using the slider at the bottom, back up to where you think the song you want to be your track starts. (The beginning of the songs are usually where there is a lot of fluctuation on the graphic)
  15. Figure out exactly where this is by trial and error with the play button.
  16. Left click and hold the button from the point where you want the track to start, and then drag the shaded area to the right until the end of the track and release.
  17. Select “Edit” then “Cut” (or use Ctrl x) or use the Scissors in the middle top of the screen to cut out the track.
  18. Go to “File” -> click on “new”
  19. Go to the new window and Select “Edit” then “Paste” (or use Ctrl v) or use the clipboard in the middle top of the screen to paste the track.
  20. Now go to “File”-> “Export as MP3”
  21. On the pop-up screen either put in ID3 tags or just click “OK”
  22. Now name the track and tell Audacity where to put the finished MP3 let it convert and export and you are done with this track.
  23. To do the next track just go back to step 14 and do it again until you are done.
  24. Feel free to experiment on a COPY (in case you don’t like the results you don’t want to have to play back the whole DVD and record it again) of your tracks with the other features in Audacity.