Dvd audio to cd-r

How do I take live music off of a dvd to record it on cd-r for my car. Thanks, Chris

Hi j31driver and Welcome:

DVD Audio Extractor has a 30 day free trial. To find other programs, do a search on “audio extractor”. Burrrn can be used for the CD.



Thanks, I will try that out. What is the format for cd’s that play in reg. cd players? Chris

what am I looking for on Burrrn.net? Yah, I’m a novice, but willing to learn,Chris

j31driver, please don not double post, this is against our forum rules and at least for me pretty annoying. Your other post has been deleted.

I’m sorry about the double post.

I could really use some help here. I got audio extractor to work but burrn can not find the files. I tried wav and pcm. Any help would be appreciated.Chris

What do you mean it can’t find the files?
Do you know where audio extractor put the files on your HD?
btw I’m not familiar with audio extractor .

Yes but burrn won’t regignize the files Is there another program that can take wav or pcm files and convert to cd-r so i can listen in my car?Chris

I don’t know why Burrrn isn’t recognizing the .wav files.
I haven’t tried it with pcm files.
Can you play the .wav files you are trying to use in Burrrn from the Hard drive in WMP ?
What version of WMP do you have?