DVD Audio to CD Help

I thank you for your patients in this matter, yes I did post before regarding this issue but am still left dazed and confused.
I am trying to take the audio from an unincrypted music DVD and burn it onto a CD in WMA or MP3 Format. I have used the following guide (club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=139536) from your site to configure DVD Decrypter to rip only the audio (or so it states) broken into Chapters (individual songs) onto my hard drive. This appears to have gone well, but I am left with VOB files of which everyone of the free audio converters which I have downloaded, installed and tried have stated “Unsupported file format”. I have then had to uninstall them, leaving a bunch of unwanted crap on my hard drive for the effort. Can anyone please tell me what I have to do next with these ripped audio files in order to make them usable on an MP3 player or CD player, in terms which a person who does not have a degree in computer sciences can understand? I really appreciate the information and help as I appearently need all that I can get.

Hey Randal,

I guess I’m in the same shape You are. My problem is that I went to the DVD Decrypter site for a download and it is no longer available (Copyright Cops got to it). My big problem is that all I want to do is convert a DVD I made of my daughter (in her Steel Drum Band), made with my own mini-dvd camcorder, to a music CD. I’ve tried Audacity (both versions) and all I can get out of it is about a 1 second chirp. I,ve tried all the settings I could think of but no luck. I know that I need the VOB files to do the conversion, but can’t seem to create them. You might look at Audacity, since You have the VOB’s, to see if it helps in your case. In the meantime anybody got any tips for me?

You can find DVD Decrypter at mrbass.org
You can extract audio files from dvd vob files using several tools mentioned already. I use AutoGK, which extracts all the files using other freeware tools.

If your DVDs are not encrypted you shouldn’t need the Decrypter, as your problem is to take the audio out of the VOB files (by the way, I assume the initial post refers to a music DVD and not to a DVD-audio).
You can try a program called Goldwave that allows a trial before purchasing decision (and if you want it doesn’t seem to be too expensive - no publicity, just in the customer side).
It allows the extraction of the audio band and conversion to wav file format. From there you can convert to the final compressed format you want.

Well I guess I will answer my own post, and hopefully help 1dumbguy also. I was finally able to pull it all together (after about 20 hours searching all of the forums and guides that I could, and posting a few unanswered questions). So here it is. You can use DVD Decrypter to rip DVD Audio only to your hard drive. To learn this go to [B]club.cdfreaks.com.showthread.php?t=139536[/B] and follow the instructions for configering DVD Decrypter to rip only the DVD Audio. This will (at least in my case it did) leave a bunch of VOB files on you hard drive. This is however useless as CD Audio media. From here you need to download both Besweet 1.5 and [B]Belight 0.21[/B]to the same folder so that they will be able to comunicate together inorder to get the job done. I also downloaded the VOB input .dll file to the same folder just to be safe. When you have all of these in the one folder you have all that you need to convert these ripped VOB files into MP3 or other supported file types. This is where I initially went wrong. I downloaded Belight 0.22 and this newer version does not support conversion of VOB files. You would think that the newer version would do all that the older one could, and more but think again. Belight 0.21 is difficult to find so search patiently. There are guides available from Doom9.org to learn how to use Belight which is the GUI for the Command Line Besweet program. It all went well for me. Good luck. My week long vigil appears to be over, now I can get back to life.

Thanks for everybodys help so far. Will give it a shot and get back to You all.
BTW. Thanks for all the patience for this NEWB.

I have had good results with this free program…
With this program,I was able to pull out the audio from a DVD without ripping it.Just put the DVD in the drive and load the VOB file that you want into the program and go from there.You load the program by clicking on “Add files” then go to"Files of type" and select “All files”.You must do this to see the VOB type files.

Okay, here goes…

Mr. Belvedere, Thanks for the lead on the copy of DVD Decrypter. I think I got the last copy they had on the shelf. It works great. I love the little jingle after a succesful operation/extraction.

Randal, Thanks for all Your foot/finger work and assistance.The DVD Decrypter guide was great help. Unfortunately I have Nero 7 Essentials and couldn’t get Nero to see VOB files (couldn’t use VOB plug-in with Nero 7 apparently). I have a copy of Nero 6 Essentials (came with Sony CD-burner) but it won’t load on my machine. I’m catching up to You on time spent researching this PITA problem.

I downloaded both BeSweet and BeLight programs and I don’t think You looked at my user name closely. Are You by chance one of those people that has bottle bottom galsses with black frames and white tape holding them together?..Any pocket protectors? I think I’m going to have to take a two year sabbatical to learn it. Just kidding. I played with it for a couple of hours but no luck.

I tried to go to the sites in the lower right corner of BeSweet but had no luck. Doom9.net/guides is not available and DenniDin is basically blank. DRM cops?

I was wondering, remember my user name, what You meant by putting the two Bexxxxx programs in the same folder. Do You mean create a folder (say, BeSweet suite) and install shortcuts to the programs in it, or is there some way to infuse both apps, along with the VOB input.dll file, into one?

Any help would be appreciated.

I was able to use undine’s connection (thanks undine) and download AoA Audio Converter. I was able to convert the VOB’s to WAV’s and burn them to CD at that point. I’m not real happy with the outcome though. The sound quality is lacking but the CD plays in all my players.

Any tutorials on BeSweet or BeLight out there?

Again, thanks for everybody’s input and help.

Returning to the 8th circle of hell now

As you say your DVDs are not copy protected/encrypted and if you want to use the good old killed Decrypter maybe this link can give you some ideas:
the other package has a working trial for free during some days.

Well sorry to hear that things are still not going well. Here is the link to Belight 0.21 which is what you need for VOB files, Belight 0.22 appearantly will not handle VOB files. The link for the VOB Input .dll file is here forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=85566
If you make one folder and unzip all the Belight 0.21 Besweet 1.5 and the Vob Input files into this one folder then they should all work together.
For burning, once they were converted into MP3 files I just moved them into My Music and used Windows Media Player to copy them to CD with my burner. That is how it worked for me and the sound quality is just as good as any cd which I have ripped and burned. That is all I know to date. Should you choose This mission, I wish you luck.

Here are some more critical links: [B]forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=86897[/B]
Go to Doom9.net and click on guides. Click on audio and you will find five references to Besweet and Belight. [B]doom9.org/belight=ac3toaac.htm[/B]

Hi gang,

Thanks agomes, I’m going to play with this new info.

Thanks Randal, I did download the correct version of BeLight. After much hair pulling, I think I’m getting the hang of things. I have never played with any fo this type of editing, so I’m a little slow on the uptake. After getting the BeSweet dialogue box as well as the input and output boxes figured out I tried to hit the ‘Start’ button referred to in one of the help sites recommended by one of You two. Couldn’t find any start button anywhere so I hit the VOB/MP3 button and it took off. Only flashed the DOS screen fo a couple of seconds. It doesn’t show anyting in the file it output it to though. I will play with it further and see if I can find a step by step instruction page somewhere.

Thanks again for everyone’s input.

Have a wild weekend.

The start button is on the bottom of the page, and if your screen resolution is not set high enough it will not show up. I discovered this by experience, and by a post somewhere by someone with the same problem.

What the heck. I have dual monitors. Went ahead and turned the second monitor on (upper) and opened BeLight. Dragged it up to upper monitor and still no start button. Went ahead and clicked up res a couple of notches and there it was. It should have shown up with dual monitors though. WTF

Thanks Randal for all the help.
You to Gomes

Will play with it now.

Sorry, Agomes