DVD audio ripping?

Anybody come across Windows based software for intuitive ripping of audio from selected dvd tracks, with a view to putting onto CD (my CD software does bitdepth and SR conversion) ? DVDs owned, and for personal use only …

A Google search turns up all sorts of stuff that doesn’t really do the job…


  1. Get DVD ripping program such as DVD Decrypter, cladDVD XP, SmartRipper… rip the DVD to HD.
  2. Use DVD2AVI to split the VOB files into video and audio (WAV), by file > save project.
  3. Since DVD audio volume are always low, pass the WAV file through VirtualDub to increase the volume (200%).
  4. Do whatever you want w/ the WAV file.

or you could:

  1. use DVD Decrypter in IFO mode, Stream Processing
  2. enable Stream Processing in the checkbox
  3. select the Audio track (usually 6ch is main movie)and select Raw
    4.Convert the AC3 to wav with a program like HeadAC3he or BeSweet (grab the BeSweet Gui too)

the above method does not require ripping the video during the AC3 extraction.

Like Stoner stated, You’ll probably have to increase the volume of the wav file.

There are multiple ways to extract the AC3 :slight_smile:
so you will probably get several other opinions

Nice tips folks . . . thanks.

The best guide for audio ripping I’ve found was at uberstandard.org