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I have some DVD-audio discs which will only play back in my new Sony surround receiver in DTS (5.1) mode. I found out too late that the bandwith for digital audio is cut off at 96khz sampling rate/48khz freq. range. This is for anti-piracy reasons. Problem is, some of my DVD-A’s only contain the 192khz tracks & my older JVC DVD-a player with analogue 5.1 jacks will not interface with my new Sony like it did w/ my old Sony (which had the analogue 5.1 inputs).
My new Sony does have HDMI inputs. Can DVD-A be transmitted over this connection? If so, is there a DVD-A player out there with HDMI outputs? If not, is there a PC solution for this?


I believe some of the newer multi format audio players can do it with the HDMI outs, some are limited to stereo only I think.
I believe my new to me Denon 757 multi can do it though my receiver is not HDMI so no way to test for now, though it does have analog ins and the 757 has outs as well. There should be other newer machines that can do it but you’ll also need a receiver that can decode it as well.


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Thanks for the reply, Dartman.
I couldn’t sleep last night, so I did some research & here’s what I found:

The good news is that DVD-A hasn’t been forgotten.
HDMI 1.0 has been updated twice since its inception.
HDMI 1.1 had some minor updates-one of them specifically addresses DVD-A. It turns out HDMI has more than enough audio bandwidth to handle the 6 channels of true DVD-A reproduction of 192 khz @ 24 bit depth. It does support DVD-A, like you said.
HDMI 1.2 addresses some other issues that I didn’t research-maybe to handle 1080p blu-ray signals?

The bad news is that the HDMI inputs on my Sony STR-DG510 are video only.
It acts basically is a 2-input, one-output HDMI video switcher-nothing more.
Audio still must be handled through a separate digital or analogue cable.
I’ve been eyeballiong a Yamaha 550 watt 5.1 receiver with 5.1 inputs for $220.
I learned a valuable lesson. Anyone wanna buy a brand new 5.1, 5oo watt receiver that works and sounds great?


chosenfew777;Have you looked for a analog to digital converter that would let you go analog in form the JVC & out digital to the Sony surround receiver?
I don’t know if one is available but you might see if you can find one.


My JVC DVD player & Sony receiver are connected by a digital audio coaxial cable.
I get 5.1 (5 discreet channels) audio through 5 amplifier channels to 5 speakers in my living room.
This works for DVD video discs (2-channel, 5-channel, or DTS audio).
It also works with DTS audio discs (5-channel remixed/remastered).
It also, also works with some DVD-Aodio discs (ones that contain not only 192khz 2-channel or 192khz 5-channel DVD-Audio, but also contain 5-channel DTS audio).
Problem is, some of my favorite DVD-Audio discs contain ONLY DVD-Audio.
If I play one of these in my DVD-Audio player, my new receiver’s display flashes “UNLOCK”, which, according to my receiver’s manual, means it detects no digital audio signal.
True DVD-Audio @ 192 khz is not supported by existing digital audio connections on consumer electronics, be they coaxial or optical. This is done to thwart direct digital piracy. Also, these discs use a much-more powerful encryption scheme that your typical dvd decrypter program cannot touch.

Either you go with analogue 5-channel outs, where your dvd player does the converting, & pipe that out to matching analogue 5-channel ins on your receiver (like my old Sony receiver had), or you get a dvd player-receiver combo with HDMI (vers. 1.1 or 1.2) ins & outs that can transfer the DVD-Audio. HDMI uses built-in encryption that allows transfer of DVD-Audio, but does not allow copying of the streaming signal in a digital format.


Hey all, need some help, can’t get the HDMI in ports on my Denon AVR 2807 to work I’ve tried all the set up options I could but seem to have missed something any help?


Welcome to the forum, D-man. :iagree:
Please give more details-the more the better.
What HDMI is not working thru your Denon?
Is HDMI video working well, somewhat, or not at all?
Is HDMI audio working well, somewhat, or not at all?
What other components are connected to your Denon’s HDMI jacks?
Did these components work with other HDMI equipment B4 the Denon?
Things like that…
Check your other component(s) HDMI menu settings to make sure they are doing their part as far as HDMI signal is concerned.