Dvd Audio Problems

i recently downloaded 1Click Pro and having difficulty burning a DVD on DVD/RW. It worked fine on one DVD but i tried to burn another and i do not get audio when played on my computer or Bose 123 Home Theater. i tried the suggestions on the 1 Click FAQ screen to no avail. (In fact, some of the suggestions failed to make any sense). Any suggestions? Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello There, I am having difficulty getting audio after burning a DVD on a DVD/RW using 1Click. It worked fine with one DVD but the audio does not play on either my computer or DVD player (123 Bose) on the other. Tried copying the same DVD several times with DTS clicked “on” and “off”. Tried the suggestions on the FAQ page of 1Click to no avail. i am using DVD 433 with 1 ClickPro. Any suggestions?

Hello There, i am having difficulty with the audio on my DVD burning. i am using 1Click Pro with DVD433 and burning to a DVD/RW. It workes great on the first DVD but the audio failed on the other. i was unable to hear it on computer and DVD player. Tried suggestions on 1Click Pro FAQ page to no avail. My DVD player is a Bose 123. Can not get audio on that second DVD burn attempt. Tried it three times with DTS feature on and off. Any suggestions?

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I wish to upgrade my P3 Athlon XP1800+ to P4 & an Intel 3GB 630 CPU S 775 , I still wish to use my existing 3 X ATA HDDs & also a new SATA or SATA II. Can anyone tell me if I can use my P3 power supply, if I have to get a P4 pwr.sup. can I run ATA & SATA from it? I believe they have different voltages.
I wish to be able to run a DVD player/burner but from the experiences friends have had with DVD player/burners I’m not so sure, have others found DVD player/burners reliable or not?

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