DVD audio problem




I am having serious problems playing dvds on my laptop.

It crashed a while back and I had to restore it, however then media player would not play dvds - I downloaded a trial version of Power DVD and this plays the dvds but the audio is terrible - keeps jumping and skipping.

This happens with both copies and original dvds.

Any suggestions?


Re-install your audio drivers.
Ensure that you have DMA on for your DVD drive.
Rip it to your desktop & play it from the HD.

Install the K-lite [B]mega [/B]codec pack from www.free-codecs.com. It will provide an alternative (and free) dvd player to your current software.

What is your laptops specs?



Thanks for the reply - sorry i didn’t respond earlier - have been out of action for a week.

DMA is on - I am currently downloading the K-Lite software and will let you how it goes.

Ripping and watching is not really an option as I don’t have enough HD space for more than one film.


downloaded this but there does not seem to be any change - how come windows media player won’t play dvds - it used to?


It only does if you install the right codec, but I think this is not a default facility of WMP.


agomes, you’re right. WMP does not play dvds by default. you need to download the necessary codecs.

i have no idea what those codecs are since I use VLC player and have never had to download a codec…that thing plays ANYTHING you can possibly throw at it. if VLC won’t play it then the file is probably broken.


maybe a google search on what codecs are required to play dvds on WMP would yield some results.

or you can give VLC a try at http://www.videolan.org/vlc/