DVD audio problem on Panasonic DMR-E30.HELP!



I’m having a little problem I hope someone knows the answer.
I made some dvd’s with DVD workshop 2 wich work great but latly on my dvd player (wich is also a recorder) Panasonic DMR-E30 there’s no sound! When I check if it’s on the disk or not then I see what type it has (like mpeg 2 or PCMC or Dolby) and it plays fine on my comp. and on a simple Dimarson dvd player owned by my sis, but not on mine!
I’ve tried writing out the same material that worked before but if I make a new dvd then even if it worked once it won’t now! Except if I had an .iso file made back then when the working dvd cd was made! If I write out a .vob with nero that will work on the player so it’s not the writer nor the player nor the file! Though DVDWS 2 always reconverts my files, and maybe that’s where everything goes bad but I can’t turn it off!
I’m left with two options :
a., DVDWS 2 has an error wich can not be corected not even after uninstall then reinstall
b., Am I missing a codec or some codec are incompatible with each other!
/c.,neither but then what!/

Does someone know what’s going on??? Might I have this problem because of the ogg filter(I’ve just installed it befor DVDWS 2 started acting weird)?



:frowning: Noone has any idea??? Then if you don’t know the answer does someone know where should I ask where they might know (like they use the same program soo they should know)? Someone??? PLEASE someone help I badly wanna solve this this way I can not write out my files execpt if I put one movie on one disk but they ain’t bigger than 1GB that would be a waste of space!!! Please someone atleast try to help me!!!


I think it has to do with the file type your audio is save as. You will need to search as I don’t know the exact answer, but I’m quite sure you need to save your audio differently. There are a few different formats you can save audio in, and they all work differently.


Hey I’ve done it!! I guess you were right it must have been the audio re-conversion of DVDWS 2! When I disallowed it (and provided an mpa) it turned out fine!! Thank you!