DVD audio player

Anyone know have any information on dvd players capable of playing true DVD audio disks?

Heres one that I knows plays DVD Audio

Seems to be discontinued

I guess from the lack of responses that the dvd-audio disks are pretty rare as of now, but my main audio website for puchasing rare and limited issue sacds and vinyl www.acousticsounds.com is now offering some. does anyone have any info on this technology? I have read that the dvd-audio disks use dvd versus sacd technology but that is the extent of what I have found out. At the steinberg website I have seen that WaveLab5 has the capabilities to burn dvd-audio disks. Minix? any other audio guys heard anything? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Maybe I should be moved to the audio forum? Mod?

Here you go:

I have this one and it works Great the HDTV Upconversion and DVI cable is a Plus
Sounds Great with My Bose 5.1 setup and pair of 301s
I was going to get the Pioneer unit but I liked the Samsung better
Onkyo,Denon,and Marantz make some nice ones too
Depends on what your Budget is