DVD Audio Only Rip

I need to extract JUST the audio track from a DVD. It is easy to do with Adobe audition if the video file is in WMV or MPG format. However, Adobe does not read VOB files. How can I rip a DVD to MPG or WMV files? I know I’m overlooking the obvious. (I saw another post about the subject, but the link that the poster provided was dead.)

Using DVDdecrypter -> http://www.dvd-guides.com/content/view/136/59/
Vob2audio -> http://www.digital-digest.com/dvd/downloads/showsoftware_vob2audio_116.html

Hope these help you.

wow! that link for dvd decrypter is great! I’ve been using it for a long time and had no idea it could do that. Learn something new every day :slight_smile:

It was a while ago, but I think I used SmartRipper and then HeadAC3he to get “May it Be” off my LOTR DVD and into my MP3 player.


Another alternative - try DGIndex on decrypted VOB files. You can decode AC3 to wav, downsample to 44.1kHz, and select which segment in the preview you want to rip, not necessarily at chapter level. This way you can skip most of the speeches, applauses, or unwanted audio. Then use your favorite audio editor to fine tune it and convert to any format you like.

DVD Audio Extraction with GraphEdit :

Using DVD2AVI :