Dvd audio extractor

can this program let me burn dvd movie audio onto a cd -r disk? how can i do that? where can i buy this program from? any link to aguide that tells me how to burn on the cd the audio from the dvd movie?

Check this thread:
And you may want to post this question only once and be patient.

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It does not tell me anything about whether the dvd audio extractor can burn dvd audio onto a cd -R and if it does how?
also i tried using divx and smart ripper and other sbut its all too complicated and time consuming and thanks for the link.

It tells you how to extract DVD audio and burn to a disk with FREE software, something you asked for in another thread. I can’t imagine it explaining it more clearly.

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like i said free means it takes lots of time to do it. I am willing to pay for dvd audio program that can make it quick. can you tell whthere dvd audio ripper or extractor will help to burn ointo a CD DISK the audio?

Google is your friend…

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Jimmy if you don’t mind paying and you want it real simple then just buy the sound track on cd.

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pipedreams I just wanted to know if dvd audio extractor will burn the extracted audio files from advd movie onto a cd -r. But you brought your hostility out. See a shrink, please.

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