DVD Audio Extractor 1.2.0 out



DVD Audio Extractor 1.2.0 “is a software DVD audio extracting / ripping tool.
It can help you to extract sound tracks from your favorite DVDs and save them as OGG, MP3 or Wave files.
DVD Audio Extractor can also demux audio streams directly to LPCM wav, mpg, ac3 or dts files.”

 What's New in version 1.2.0 

- New feature: Win9x/Me systems now fully supported. 
The program will try to load and utilize ASPI manager (wnaspi32.dll) on Win9x/Me systems. 
- The UI now displays well on Win98 and above. 
- Update to Lame 3.96.  


Very nice, I have never decided to register this quick. This proggie saves me hours, in front of a wave editor. At a very reasonable price too.:slight_smile:


Hi im notr sure if this is the right place to post but your the only place i have found for help on this program, I have recently installed " DVD Audio Extractor 1.2.0 " on XP Pro but when i click the Icon nothink happens can some body please Help! me with any ideas of were i have gone wrong… Many Thanks.

My OS is XP Professional,Service Pack 1, AMD Athlon XP 2.6+ 1 Gig Ram


Well. it worked perfect here. Did you try to reinstall ? If not, I would give it a try.
It’s true, there’s not much help/info to get about this program, but you could send an Email to this address: support@castudio.org, with the tittle: DVD Audio Extractor Question.


Just uninstalled and re-installed still the same problem :confused:
Thanks for the E-Mail address i will try and see if they can help me with this problem Many Thanks…BeeR DoG. :slight_smile:


You’re welcome, although It wasn’t much help I offered. :slight_smile: :o


Right-click the icon > Properties > ‘Shortcut’ tab > ‘Find Target’ button >
double-click the directory icon to start the application.
If it works, make sure that the ‘Target’ value is as follows :
“C:\Program Files\DVD Audio Extractor\DVD Audio Extractor.exe”

Otherwise, while in the directory, right-click the icon > Send To > Desktop ( create shortcut )
If the new icon starts now, delete the old one from Desktop.