DVD Audio disk backup

I’m trying to make a backup of a DVD audio disk. The original disk contains Videos, surround sound versions of the songs and stereo versions of the same songs. The end back up product has everything except the stereo version of the songs. I have tried multiple DVD-A’s and the results are the same. The stereo song files do not even show in the temp copied files. Has anyone seen this and or been able to preform the backup of a complete DVD-A.
AnyDVD, CloneDVD2
Using DVD DL disk

I backed up NIN-With Teeth, worked fine.

Make sure when paging through the steps you select all the audio tracks for [B][I]each title[/I][/B] in your list. You may have certain tracks, such as stereo tracks, deselected by default.

The NIN “Dual Disc”, CD one one side and DVD on the other is not a DVD-A disk. That means the DVD side is only a “DVD 5” (single layer) not a "DVD (“dual layer”) If you explore a DVD-A (audio) there are two folders, Audio and Video and one other file, a tex doc. It appears Clone or AnyDVD does not know how to handle the Audio_TS folder and there fore never copies it. This same folder is on a movie DVD but does not contain any files.

Thanks for the info. By that description I don’t have a DVD-A to try.

I might suggest however to give CloneCD a try, it will make 1:1 backups of DVDs. If your DVD-A is a dual layer DVD, then you’ll have to have a DL blank to try this method. People here only recommend Verbatim DVD-DLs.