DVD-Audio - Cirlinca’s Solo delivers DVD-As for my car

Cirlinca’s DVD-Audio Solo is a nifty program that you can use to create DVD-Audio discs. They will work in your car’s (I have an Acura TL) DVD-A player. The program costs $34.95. Trial version is fully functional for 30 days.

Caveat: Use DVD-R or DVD-RW blanks. They worked for me, while the (+) did not.

After you get the program from Cirlinca <http://www.cirlinca.com/welcome.htm> and you have installed the trial-version (I suggest going directly to the Beta 1.08) do the following:

  1. Use DVD-Audio Solo Beta v1.0.8 to Write/Save the project to your hard-drive. Make sure that the correct DVD writer drive is selected in the “Select a DVD drive” box.

  2. Save the DVD disc image to an ISO file.

  3. Use Nero (or other DVD writing application) to write the ISO file to a DVD-R/RW disc.

  4. The resulting DVD-A will play in your car’s DVD-A player.

  5. Depending on your burner, you may be able to create a DVD-A disc directly, without having to save to an ISO file first. My burner is the OEM burner that came with my Dell 9100 about 6 months ago.

Please be aware that for this type of money DVD-A Solo does not convert stereo track to multi-channel track, but it does support multi-channel (up to 6 channel) audio tracks in wav and aiff formats, all channels in one file or in a set of mono channel files. If you want true 5.1 DVD-A authoring tools they will run into A LOT more money.

I have no financial interest in or from Cirlinca.

I have a problem with DVD Audio Solo. When I create my ISO file with multichannel tracs that i extracted from a DVD Concert, and then burn the image using EMC or Nero, just a few songs play and the others are mute.

Additionally, when I’ve compiled several CDs on a DVD-R and do random playback in my ACURA, a few songs play others become mute.

Does anybody have any idea. BTW, just downloaded DVD Audio Solo latest version: 1.6.2