DVD-Audio backup issues

I’ve really need to backup some of my very favorite DVD-Audio discs, they are starting to get kinda scratched up from a few years of play now but it always errors out upon .iso creation. I select ‘Full Disc’ from the menu bar on the left, and then select only the DVD-Audio section (I don’t care about the video portions for the associated tracks). The copy process starts just fine, and seems to take the appropriate amount of time, around 8 minutes or so to complete. But after the copy is done and the .iso process starts I get the error ‘Task_2 failed! Error=500’

In the …DVDFab emp\FullDisc<disc name>\Audio_TS folder it does seem to have all the necessary files (AOB etc), until you hit finish at which point they vanish.

Again, I’m using DVDFab platinum v3.2.1.0 with a Plextor PX-760A.

Any tips would be appreciated!

Try Clone mode. That should work fine. Full Disc will have that ability in a future version. Here is the page from the DVDFab Guide: http://docs.dvdfab.com/index.php/Main/DVDToDVDFullDisc

I find that if I don’t select to save to a folder but rather just select the same DVD drive for the ‘target’ that it seems to copy the entire DVD anyway.

Thought I looked everywhere for an answer…thanks for the pointer, and I’m happy I can finally back up my DVD-A’s without huge hassle! Thanks DVDFab!

Glad it worked for you:) .