DVD Audio Advice

I have the Eagles Hotel California on DVD-A and was able to rip 2 channel 96khz audio from it with no problem. 6 channel 96khz audio was a little harder to do, but I finally got the 1st track ripped and played it back on my computer using Foobar2000, excellent program by the way, and I am in the process of ripping the other 6 channel songs. My problem is this, is there a way to somehow convert the wav files to a more compatible wav format so it could be played by virtually any wav player or converted to cda? Right now, just one song is around 645MBs! I tried converting it with Foobar2000 to a 16bit wav but WMP wouldn’t play it right, just silence. EAC wouldn’t even touch the file! By the way, WinDVD sucks. It only outputs stereo when playing DVD-A, talking about getting short changed. Sounds so much better in multichannel!

How could a standard RIFF/WAVE hold more than 2 channels/stereo?
Maybe the downsampled files just have a corrupt header.

Try with BeSweet.

I guess it can because it works. Foobar is the only program that can play these type of wavs that I have come across. Here’s what Foobar reports on the details of the wav file

bitrate = 13824
samplerate = 96000
channels = 6
codec = PCM
encoding = lossless
bitspersample = 24

37624160 samples @ 96000Hz
File size: 677 234 924 bytes