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Greetings Everyone.

I recently purchased a Sony DVD/CD RW DL Drive. Excited to burn/copy my dvd’s so when I travel if they get lost or stolen it won’t matter. I downloaded AnyDVD and DVDCopy 2 Trials. I’ve read through all the newbie forums/posts/tutorials. But I’m still have issues copying my dvd’s.

Here is a short list of my system specs:
OS: Microsoft Windows XP Pro
System Manufacturer: 939M2
System Model: 939Dual-SATA2
BIOS: Default System BIOS
Processor: AMD Athlon™ 64 Processor 3000+, MMX, 3DNOW, ~1.8GHz
Memory: 1024 MB RAM

So as it goes, I want to make an exact copy of my dvd’s(menu’s and all)
I have AnyDVD running while I open up DVDClone2. I’m using FujiFilm DVD+R,120min,4.7GB,16x DVD’s. So to begin, i start up CloneDVD and click the middle button. I then go to the top and set the Drive that the dvd is in. Which is my D: Drive(I have a read only dvd drive, and my new rw DVD drive) It brings up the VIDEO_TS, I click next, and the preview starts, everything looks good, I also change the box to DVD +/- DL. I move onto the Audio and Subtitles Screen, and undo them because I don’t really need them. I move onto the Go! Button, and it begins to save to the temp file(i supppose?) as it hits 100% Before anything has actually burned to the dvd, I get the woman “Oh no!” or something like that and it says, that the source is too big? or something to that effect. I can redo it and get the exact error, but it something like that.

So why isn’t the 4.7GHz enough to burn the entire cd? Do i need to compress something? I really want to copy my dvds. Any help would be great. If you need anymore info I’ll get it. TY

When you check the box that says your have a DL disc you are incorrect. You have an SL disc. Let Clone DVD know you have SL by saying DVD 5.

I am not on a computer with the exact program and I never use DL discs but I know you never check any box to indicate DL when you are using a normal disc.

Welcome to the forum. Sorry you had to wait 4 minutes for an answer. :wink:

I just clicked that cause it made the quality bar go up :doh:

I’ll try again with DVD5.

Ty for the quick reply.

Any time. Easy error to make.

The quality bar will go up because you have told the program that you have double the space…

Ohh makes sense…silly me

So I need to buy DL DVDs to go with my DL dvd drive… :o

I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the viewing quality of your backups even at compressing to 50%. Do you normally watch all the extras and such; if not just to select titles (movie only) and you will definitely be happy with the quality.