DVD as giant VCD?



I have 6 MPEG-1 videos, each about the size of a single CD, which are each meant to be recorded as a single VCD. Yesterday I received a DVD burner for the first time, and was hoping there would be some way I could use a DVD-R as basically a VCD with 4.7 gigs of space.

Is this possible? I don’t mean to reencode the files into VOB format, I just want to make it some kind of supersize VCD. I have Nero and Alcohol 120% (albeit all I know of A120 is to use it as a virtual drive), if that helps.





Ulead DVD Movie factory, you can get a free 30 day trial (Ulead.com ?) and its fairly easy to use. Make sure you you check the box where it says “do not re encode compliant files” (or similar). It will just re encode the audio.