DVD Architect 3.0 and Sony Vegas 6.0



I have built 6-8 chapters (files) in Vegas 6.0 that consist of pictures and music. I now want to put them into 1 large file, with chapters and burn this to a DVD. I have been told that I should use DVD Architect for this and I have downloaded the trial version to play with. My question is this:
How do I import these chapters into DVD Architect, then burn it all top a DVD? Is this easy to do?




OK. Does anyone know if I can burn a DVD thru Vegas? I see a few options to burn a CD, but the file extensions aren’t DVD compatible. Let me know.


The markers you add in Vegas will be transferred as chapters in your DVD Architect project if you choose to render your project using the DVD Architect template (for MPEG2). After your project is rendered, you create the DVD in DVD Architect (using the rendered video).

There are many websites and forums dedicated to Vegas on the web. You will get much more help there. Try http://www.creativecow.net/articles/vegasvideo.html. Google for more - there are many.