DVD appear greenish when play on a compter

im posting this question as it does seem to fit in any where, and this is my first pot to the forum

ok some back ground i use window xp home, HP dvd writer, 1.00GHz AMD duran cpu, and 768 MB of ram ans a Celestica (ATI chip) radeon 9200 video card, with the most updated drive i can find,

ok problem when i play a dvd on my compter for the most part it apperar greenish, face have no skin color, and background are greenish some time, but red seem to come in ok, i tryed seting, changeing the the gamma, with some luck on picture but no luck on playing dvd video on compter
what can i try next :a

Hmmm…I’m a n00b here myself, but I had a similar problem on a standalone player (green tinge to eveything!).
What fixed that, for me, was rechecking the connection between TV and DVD player (we use SCART cables here in the UK, and it seems mine wasn’t in snug enough).

So, just a little thing to try…checking connections to drive etc?

Sorry if this is of no use, never seen the prob on a PC DVD drive before. :slight_smile: