DVD anime to VCD

I was using “DVD2Mpg Squeezer” to convert the DVD video using plug-in “panasonic premier mpeg encoder 2.1” like 4 years ago as a way to convert DVD to VCD. I had done several video clips from ricky martin and maddonna, but haven’t been succesfully with this DVD-Anime. I need the video as VCD MPEG-1 (complaint DVD) so I can then author it to DVD includding menus maybe? and of course max compatibility for DVD players. I’m planning using cd’s only.

I also used DVD2MPEG Squeezer some many years ago also. In fact, it was right here on CDFreaks main page that had a tutorial posted that got me started.

I would suggest TMPGEnc as a suitable VCD encoder or you could look at EazyVCD as an alternative.