DVD and PS2

Can someone tell me if a PS2 needs to be chipped to play a DVD-R movie? I have taken 4 films from VCD and put them on one DVD and it plays fine in PC and DVD player but the PS2 wont look at it. Any ideas guys?

If i understand it good you have grabbed 4 movies of vcd`s and bruned them on a dvd-r ?? so there still mpeg of mpg then?

In that case you cant play them on you ps2 because ps2 dont support vcd`s you need to convert them with a program and then you can watch you vcds on your ps2(The ps2 need to be modded,And still need to swap like its a game or you must use a neo4 or messiah mod chip then it will boot in once)

Here you can find all the nfo and programs to make a vcd work on a ps2.

Many thanks RDJ. I will check it out now. My freind copied a DVD and it played with no chipping on the PS2 so I guess I need to convert the mpg then as supsected. Thanks for the help:D :slight_smile:

Can you tell me what I am going to convert too and what is best program to do it? Is it MPEG2 ?