DVD and CD Rom both stopped working

Hi all,

I have a NEC 3540A DVD/CD and a Samsung CD ROM. Both worked fine but then stopped reading discs. System Info (and NERO) both ‘see’ the drives but no matter what type of disc (blank or otherwise) I put in either drive they will not recognise. I have disconnected/reconnected tryed them on their own but same results.


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Do you have Alcohol, CloneCD Virtual Drive, or Daemon Tools installed?

No I have none of those

Just things like Nero, Div X, Power DVD

In order to see if it is a driver issue try to boot from a bootable cd. If it works there must be a software glitch

Have you checked the jumpers to make sure they are set properly corresponding to the IDE cables?

Search google for a free program “cdgone”


If I only reinstall one drive the NEC DVD/CD what should the jumper be set at?

If you have two drives on 1 ide cable, the first one should be jumpered as master and the second one as slave.

:controller: >>>>>>>>> :slave: >>>>>>>>> :master:
(blue)… (black)