DVD and CD R/RW Drives gone crazy

This is very hard to understand but i have got 2 problems from these IDE drives who were working flawlessly for 2-3 years

  1. LG DVD DRIVE - This drive does not read any CD’s anymore but the amazing fact is that it can read a scratched overused version of Matrix Reloaded DVD and nothing else. I tried checking the BIOS boot thing but it didint work so obviously its a hardware problem.

How do I fix it? and if cant be fixed should I replace the drive?

  1. LG CD R/RW Drive - This drive is working fine till now and burning and reading CD’s but the strange fact is that it cant read ENTER THE MATRIX (GAME CD) anymore, also sometimes it fails to read discs but works after another try. Is its lens dirty also?

Can both the problems above be fixed?

I dont know if I would have mentioned the pirated version of the Matrix. Things like that are frowned upon on this forum.