DVD and CD burner

I think this is a better place to place my quetions/s.

I am about to buy a new burner as my LTR-48246S won’t burn anymore and just gives me ‘power calibration errors’. It still reads fine though. What I want to know is if I should get a DVD burner and also a CD burner since I backup all my games.

So far the Liteon SOHW 812s seems to be the best all rounder DVD burner and best value for money as It does DVD’s well and also does some copy protections and has CD+G. The Pioneer DVR-107D in the review’s page just didn’t seem to perform very well. and doesn’t have the CD+G feature. Would the newer DVR-107D’s have this feature now or in new firmware or is the reading of CD+G not important?

I also think that getting another CD burner would be a good idea since the DVD burner won’t do a few of the newer protections. I was thinking of getting a Liteon 52x32x52 (LTR-52327S ?) since they are relatively cheap and seem to do all protections. I can also get the Asus 52x burner if that is better at protections.

If anyone know’s of a DVD burner that can do all or a lot of the current protections please let me know. If there isn’t, what combo of drives do you recommend? At the moment I haven’t been able to find any Toshiba DVD burners available in Australia.

    I also have a Liteon LTD-166s I think it is, comes up as JLMS XJ-HD166S in Nero InfoTool.
I found a place in Australia that sells Plextor Premium CD burners but at $235AUD I think it is way too much.

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EDIT: I have just read the review of the NEC 2500A DVD burner and it seems it does a very good job. The only things that discourages me is the price at $195AUD while the SOHW-812S and 107D are about $155, and the fact that it can’t do the newer Safedisc protections or is it just the newer CloneCD that can’t do them and Blindwrite/Alcohol 120% can?. Unless the CD burner I get in the end will do them. But I’m sure the price can be justified as the write quality is exellent and this will probably be the DVD burner I get.

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I have a Plextor PX-716A it seems working perfecttly after I upgrade the Firmware form their website… but not before that… So try to upgrade the Firmware for all of the DVD Burner you have there before considering purchasing the new one.

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Clean the drive and try again with good media in the LiteOn.