DVD and Burner on same IDE channel

My DVD and CD-rw are on the same IDE controller. Is this okay?
I was able to burn on the fly but onlyat 16x … this may have been due to the fact that the media is only 16x and that source cd was a CD-R however, when I burn from the HD on the same 16x media, I can do it at 50x.

Burner is slave DVD is master

Well, I used some “pressed” media as the source and the CD-R that came with the Liteon 52x and I was able to write up to 32x on the fly using Clone CD and a simulated write… cool!!

It’s always better to give each drive its own channel to avoid bottlenecking. You can get a Promise ATA66 PCI card for around $25-$30. Don’t remember when’s the last time I put two devices on the same channel on my systems. Maybe somebody else could chip in on this.

With the same setup, I can burn CD copies, on the fly, at 48x. Separate channels is not required. CD copying is not 2 operations, it’s one. With the Win2K native IDE drivers, 32x is about my max speed, but with the VIA 4in1 drivers, speed is no issue.
ntloser, you can try different configs for yourself, every system is different. Of course, make sure DMA is enables for all drives and you have the latest IDE drivers.

with the new computers it doesnt matter anymore
in the early days you got a lot of problems when you connect two devices on the same channel.
but now you can connect two devices on the same channel and still be able to brun on the fly at 48 speed.
no need for an extra ata card anymore

I am glad to hear this is a non-issue. Does this also mean a UDMA5 device and share a channel with a UDMA 2 device and the “5” Device will not slow to “2”


Does this also mean a UDMA5 device and share a channel with a UDMA 2 device and the “5” Device will not slow to “2”

Depends on your hardware, but for most recent boards, the answer is yes.

I recall installing Windows and setting up my some friends’ computers that when I first tried to do on-the-fly operations in Nero, it would give me a warning message if the devices were on the same IDE channel. Then when I setup my own computer with a Lite-On DVD-ROM and a Lite-On CD-RW on the same channel, there was no warning at all in Nero. I just thought that was interesting. I can also do on-the-fly copies at 48x-52x without a problem.

every motherboard with at least an ATA 100 controller will do the trick.

Hmmm… interesting. I’ll go home and see if there’s any performance drop by switching from

IDE1: Lite-On DVD
IDE2: Lite-On CDRW
Promise IDE1: Maxtor HD
Promise IDE2: IBM HD


IDE:1 (MS) Maxtor HD, (SL) IBM HD
IDE:2 (MS) Lite-On DVD), (SL) Lite-On CDRW

Be right back.

if you have a new motherboard you wont notice any difference.